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Dunbar's John Muir Association
Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
John Muir's birthplace.

Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center
Haines, Alaska's Nationally Accredited Museum. A resource on Native Culture and S. Hall Young as well as John Muir.

Haines' Cooperative Libraries
A community resource.

The American Bald Eagle Foundation
National Headquarters of this organization is in Haines.

Chilkat Eagle B&B
, HAINES JOHN MUIR CENTER OFFICE.  Proprietor Dave Nanney is co-founder of the Haines' John Muir Association.

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Eagle Eye Journal
, Haines' Online Newspaper. Reporter Dave McKenzie is co-founder of the Haines John Muir Association

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Learn more about the people of Haines at this "Community Website."

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JOHN MUIR was a naturalist, an author and an adventurer. He loved to "go to wild places" go experience the wonders of nature. Alaska, like Yosemite in California, was one of Muir's favorite places. Alaska is where Muir came to visit real wilderness after Yosemite became popular.

The Chilkat Valley, where the City of Haines, Alaska now exists, was one of the favorite stops he made, largely because of the interaction he was able to have with the "Northern tribe," the Chilkat Tlingits. The Chilkat Tlingits still live in Haines and the beautiful Chilkat Valley.

     JOIN the new  "JOHN MUIR FORUM" at This newsgroup has a forum for the Haines, Alaska John Muir Ass'n, a link to us and to all other related John Muir sites.

     The Haines John Muir Association intends to gather, and archive on the internet, historical information about John Muir's connection with Alaska, Haines, the Chilkat Valley, S. Hall Young, Glacier Bay and the rest of Southeast Alaska.
      Anyone who wants to contribute to this effort is encouraged to submit materials to us. Original art, photography, essays, book reviews and letters are encouraged. Remember, just telling of "wild places" is in keeping with the spirit and legacy of John Muir.


     The Haines John Muir Association was inspired by correspondence between Haines, Alaska and the John Muir Society in Dunbar, Scotland. That organization deserves credit for being not only the inspiration for this group but also for the push towards "twinning" of our two cities. This "twinning" or "sister city" arrangement is now complete.
     The Edinburgh daily newspaper, The Scotsman, ran a story first, on
November 25, 1998, and enlisted the aid of the Haines' Eagle Eye Weekly Journal newspaper for photographs of Haines. They sent a copy of the story to the Eagle Eye Journal, which wrote a story in its December 2, 1998 edition. A follow-up story was printed in the Eagle Eye Journal on December 9, 1998 along with three letters to the editor from noted local historians. (Click here to read copies of those Eagle Eye Journal articles, PICTURES OF DUNBAR, SCOTLAND  and letters to the editor).  
     On Wednesday, December 16, 1998, the Haines City Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution to "twin" with Dunbar. Click here to read that resolution.

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To learn more about this "wild place," Alaska, that John Muir visited on seven occassions, start here.

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Aerial Picture of Haines, Alaska
Haines, Alaska
Muir's beloved Glacier Bay is in the mountains in the background, less than 10 miles from Haines.
David McKenzie

Chilkat Valley aerial
The Chilkat Valley in Winter
John Muir and missionary S. Hall Young rowed in their canoe past Pyramid Island (foreground) and landed on the eastern shore of the Chilkat River (right).
David McKenzie

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"Wild places for nature and people."

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